Thursday, June 18, 2009

Howz this...

If Mental is a field in the table called Face from the database of this Body, then the only trouble with it is it is Nullable ;)

Cropped up on 17th June, 2009 afternoon


  1. I thought that the problem is that, it is not nullable. . The body's databases are strange, of some ir-relational kind. Because, in this case, if Face is the index of the Mind, then a table is an index of a field !!

  2. I guess there is another dimension to it. Like you are looking it from this different dimension where you can relate Face as an index of Mind (It is from the observational dimension :) ). In observational dimension, Face is the index of Mind. But, from the dimension of looking a human body as a database, Mind is a field which can be filled with the table of Face which contains multiple fields, others being - Mind, eye, nose, ears, tongue, etc.

    I guess there is a lot of stuff that can be thought of and improved. Let me see if I can improve upon this post far future :)

  3. I seem to be agreeing more with whirlmind here more on the basis of correlation. How at all can mental become a field in table of face? Depends on how you define mental (as in obvious physical distortion of face, or a state of being, or something to do with the mind) BTW Rampy... where do you get such weird thoughts?

  4. Why cant mental become a field in the table of face?

    Database: Human Body
    Tables: Face, Hands, Legs, etc.
    Fields in Face: Eyes (Nullable - Blind), Nose & Mouth (Non-nullable, else the person may die :)), Ears (Nullable - deaf), Mind (Nullable - the topic of discussion)
    Fields in Hands: Fingers, Upperarm, etc.
    Similarly other fields, tables can be defined.

    Ofcourse, this database design may not be optimal, best, or whatever. But surely, its one of the ways in which it can defined / designed. Doesnt matter if its not the best :P

    From where do I get such weird thoughts? - from that same nullable field which wasnt null then :D


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